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Do you think Jaden Smith could be the next Will Smith?

Jaden Smith

 Eleven years ago, M. Night Shyamalan graced the cover of Newsweek magazine joined by the headlining statement, "The Next Spielberg." This was as Signs was opening in theaters and the already two-time Oscar nominee was still considered a great new showman in Hollywood, a master of both suspense and surprise (particularly in his endings).
Within a matter of years, the filmmaker proved unworthy of the claim (and interestingly enough the magazine itself has fared little better). Signs was his last predominantly well-reviewed movie -- through his brand new movie After Earth -- and his peak success at the box office, too (The Sixth Sense grossed more in total but Signs had his best opening).
So, let's hope people are more wary with their declarations, especially for people connected to Shyamalan. For example, nobody should be declaring Jaden Smith the next Will Smith. Aside from the historically common psychological issue of sons feeling the need to make their successful father's proud, it's just too early.
Sure, Jaden's last movie was a worldwide hit even without on-screen parental guidance. He also has already put out a rap album and appeared on a single that went platinum (Justin Bieber's "Never Say Never"). And he's only 14. Will was 18 before his first record hit and in his 20s by the time he was a screen star (with TV's The Fresh Prince of Bel Air).
He's definitely got a lead, and even if it takes another 10 years for him to have both the single of the summer and the action-sci-fi blockbuster of the year, that'll do nicely for the guy. At the moment, however, he's not all that good an actor and doesn't seem to have the charm to substitute for that the way his father tends to.At the same time, though, the movie also implies that the dad might have been trying to keep his son out of military service so that he doesn't wind up crippled or worse. The correlation between that and the way Will Smith (who wrote the film's base story) has brought his kid into the entertainment service where he's vulnerable to very negative reviews, as After Earth is receiving, is a rather confounding contrast. But like the kid in the film, maybe Jaden is determined.

New up coming couples at Big Brother Africa:Anticipated Couples To Emerge In The Chase

Entertainment, arguments, cat fights,Excitement,Gossip, Eviction stress all this provide footage which is worth an eyebrow what spices up like the Big Brother show nothing is the Love and Romance.
Happy are this year’s contestants(chasers)  who have met beautiful creatures… The chics are super Hot and the dudes, are too handsome to avoid fo the 91 days! This gives us anticipations on what will happen in the Love ground…. Sooner or later we are to see Romance, bromances and showmance developing.. If not yet, but I hope we have already got the first dosage….According to me(Deogratius09), these are the couples   I see coming in the chase’s near future.

Bolt and Betty (Boltty)
Oh these are already official! Was I late  to tell you? Hope not,…. The Seirra Leone Bolt has already bolted Ethiopia’s Betty in his arms and we don’t see her getting out unless something Bigger(Bigger like evictions)  puts them  apart!  The twosome have already confessed to Biggie and  Africa that they have something for each other….Only sweet lines have been said by these two about each other and if I’m tell you  they have already released some and enjoyed some Big packages, I really mean BIG!…Oh I almost forgot to tell you that this relationship is guaranteed if Betty survives the forthcoming eviction, but if she is ousted, Bolt will have to  find himself.
Denzel and Dillish
Ha, this is a little bit problematic! This Ugandan nerdy comedian seems to be unstable and he might lose so many good things. This is what I mean; Firstly the Guy had attractions for Betty but because of his funny  and kidding ways, a fast and serious Bolt snatches her away from him. Now he’s telling us that he has a thing for the Namibian beauty but because he hasn’t unleashed it yet, someone might as well take her. We saw her and Nando enjoying a tub together and if I’m to follow my instincts,the lass wants Elikem! Then I don’t know what will happen next….I just wish our nerdy entertainer makes a first move. Oh but if Denzel gets evicted on Sunday, he will go with his feelings.
Elikem and Feza
This one is still hidden in the envelope but will soon be opened. The Tanzanian likes the Ghanaian lad and she is trying everything possible till the guy will realise it. This would have been a done deal, hadn’t been hard for ladies to make the first move. Feza made and incredible move when she saved Elikem from the nomination block.  She did this out of her love for the guy and we hope it will go to the next level.
LK4 and Koketso
This guy who is towering all the Housemates seems to be a real  gentleman-slow but sure. He has already confessed that he likes the  South African entrepreneur and law student. He has been seen couple of times chilling with the lass and the duo seem to enjoy each other’s company… Let’s hope that it will come out eventually.
Hakeem and Cleo
This Zimbabwean dude is handsome and I believe all chics have an eye for him. However, in a few days from now he might be ” Already taken” as he is trying to hot Zambia’s Cleo as yesterday night these two spent some reasonable time trying to know each other really deep. Let’s hope things will move on quite well for them.
Angelo and Annabel
I see this couple too coming soon due to the fact that the Kenyan beauty likes the guy so much. She confessed that she finds Bolt and Angelo cool and she really likes them.Unfortunately of the two it’s only Angelo left as Bolt belongs to a jealousy Betty who doesn’t even want to see any girl getting closer to him.
Biguesas and  Natasha
This quiet Angolan lad might  be induced to love Mama Natasha as she seems to enjoy his company and stay around him. If this happens, I’ll reserve my comments because…… no comment.
Well that is what I have in mind, what bout you, who do you see hotting who?

Lets go together

Morinho and the Germans


Mourinho has released a statement to Real's fans: "I wish all of Real Madrid's supporters much happiness in the future. I want to thank many fans for their support, and I respect the criticism of others. I repeat, happiness to all, and above all, good health. Hala Madrid!"

French open 2013..Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic are both in action after wins for Victoria Azarenka and Maria Sharapova.

Luis Suarez: cynical comments give Liverpool new headache

Liverpool's strongly worded response to the public agitation of Luis Suarez is as predictable as the apparent exit strategy being utilised by their world-class striker.
Suarez is anything but predictable with a football at his feet - but the timing, location and excuses used in announcing his discontent with life in England all fall into that category.

Blaming the media is going straight for the cheapest option, a flimsy fig leaf to disguise what most suspect are his true intentions
Liverpool reacted pointedly and swiftly to interviews given in his native Uruguay this week in which the 26-year-old sent some less-than-subtle coded messages to his club and also to potential suitors.
They insisted that if Suarez was unhappy with his life in Liverpool, stretching his credibility to breaking point by suggesting he is the victim of torment by a cruel media, it is not a complaint he had registered directly with them.
Liverpool also reminded Suarez that he has a contract to honour at Anfield and, with some code of their own perhaps, added that they remain "supportive" - just as they have when he inflicted some fairly hefty blows on their global image.
Suarez, however, does seem set on engineering his departure from Liverpool and is following a well-worn track to do so. Returning to his Uruguay homeland, where he is worshipped and guaranteed a sympathetic hearing, he paints a picture of a poor soul whose life is being made a misery by a British media intent on hounding him, even suggesting the paparazzi make it impossible for him to go into his garden or visit the supermarket.
Nonsense of course.
The trouble Suarez has had since his arrival in England from Ajax has largely been of his own making as he was banned for eight games in December 2011 after being found guilty of racially abusing Manchester United's Patrice Evra and suspended for 10 games - a punishment will stretch into next season if he sticks around - for biting Chelsea's Branislav Ivanovic at Anfield in April.
It may come as a surprise to Suarez that his life might have been a lot quieter, and his media profile a lot lower, had he not been involved in those two incidents, as well as refusing to shake Evra's hand when Liverpool then met United at Old Trafford.

‘Vampire Diaries’ Season 5 Spoilers: What Will Happen With Stefan And Silas?

 Fans of “The Vampire Diaries” are still in shock after the jaw-dropping season-four finale, and it sounds like season five is going to be just as action-packed. The new season won’t premiere for a couple of months, but, meanwhile, we’ve got a line on what to expect from the Silas/Stefan drama.
The season-four episode 23, “Graduation,” revealed that Stefan is a doppelganger of Silas. Like Katherine, Silas has some serious issues with Stefan -- and chose to lock him in a box and throw him over a waterfall into a lake. So, how will season five play out with Silas impersonating the younger Salvatore? According to executive producer Julie Plec, the Mystic Falls group will catch on pretty quickly.

“Truth be told, I don’t think it’ll be too long,” Plec told TV Guide. “I think that there’s more fun to be played with people learning quickly, but independently of the other, so there’s a lot of good bait-and-switch Katherine-style stuff that could happen early in the season. And people that know Stefan well will be able to catch on pretty quickly I would hope.”
While Silas and Stefan have obvious different personalities, fans can’t forget that Silas has the ability to read minds. An action by Silas might tip off Damon, Caroline or Elena, but the original bad guy has the ability of flipping the Stefan switch to throw them off again.
But does Silas actually want to stick around Mystic Falls to wreak havoc on the crew? With the cure gone, his path toward death has definitely changed.
“His agenda has always been to cure himself, to get rid of the other side, so that he could then die and pass over and find peace,” Plec told TVLine. “That will remain his agenda.”
The mystery is exactly how Silas will get to the other side with the veil up and Bonnie gone. Is another Bennett witch hanging around town? Or will Silas (or someone else) try to resurrect her?
Fans already know that Bonnie will be sticking around in season five, but we don’t know to what extent. In the season-four finale, Bonnie made Jeremy promise to keep her ghostly secret for the summer, but will little Gilbert be able to keep that promise? Or will he spend his summer trying to find a way to bring her back?
Without magic on the other side, Bonnie is pretty useless, but having Jeremy be able to see her can definitely work in her favor. While there do not appear to be any witches left in Mystic Falls to help, it’s possible that Silas may have some other mysterious powers up his sleeve.
What do you think will happen? Share your thoughts on season five of “The Vampire Diaries” below!

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Friday, May 31, 2013

Neyll and Motamma flirt! at BBA

 Neyll, who has been keeping a bit of a low profile in the Diamond House seems to be smooth with the ladies, afterall.

The Angolan cornered Motamma in the lounge this afternoon and flirted up a storm with the sexy Tswana lass. Neyll started buttering Motamma up by telling her "you remind me of my mother, in the nicest possible way".

A pair of pliers wouldn't pry these two away from each other as they engaged in light, flirty conversation. When Neyll found out how good of a dancer Motamma is, he quickly jumped up and asked her to teach him a move or two.

The two then turned the lounge into a mini dance floor and moved in time to the sound of their own heartbeats. Every time Motamma turned to look the other way, Neyll couldn't help sneaking a peek at her booty. If these two keep flirting like this, then Motamma could just get the chance to hear Neyll singing her a love song in the shower soon. After his performance in the Diary Room last night, Motamma is in for a wild ride!!.html?site=fullsite


5. TOYOTA COROLLA RUN X (2001-2004 models)

Well this is one of those hatchbacks that you-must-look-at on the road, here you’ll speak the 2001/2002 model and 2003/2004 model. Displacement varies between 1500cc and 1800cc. well this might look like a baby car for 6inch guys out there but for an average guy. This is it… your ultimate low cost vehicle. And I mean it, low cost on purchase, fuel and maintenance. FOB in Japan starts at around USD1500. And hey, no significant difference between this one and Toyota Allex!
4. VOLKSWAGEN POLO (2005 model)
Be careful here, there are many variants of this one, VW even have a 2012 edition, so which one am I referring to? Well the 2005 model, 5 doors hatchback at a displacement of 1400cc, it should leave your mouth open on fuel consumption, the wheel is heavy though and you can absolutely feel it! How do I know? Well let’s just say from experience! She is a beauty, a portable one too especially for the heavy traffic in Dar es Salaam, the Japanese retail this one starting at around USD3500

3. MAZDA ATENZA (2002-2003 models)

She has eyes, she can smile and when she breathes fire, the 2002-2003 models of this beauty will definitely rob you off your imaginations, almost every detail of beauty is here. If it weren’t for scarcity of Mazda spare parts, this one would have been crowned queen, but again she is nothing less of the title. FOB as low as USD 1200 in most Japanese sites, don’t think twice, say Yes you will marry Atenza!
2. NISSAN SKYLINE (2001-2003 models)
So this is it,open the gates and enter the dragon himself, this gentlemen swallows 2300-3000cc in a go, so you know it, he is a performer. On one hand, he is nothing of a show off; he’s got in his chest a V6 engine. On the other hand, he is handsome (although ‘mwanaume hasifiwi sura’) but you won’t hesitate giving him that compliment when you meet him. Our fellows the Japanese offer him starting from USD1800 and I think it’s fair! He’s got all space you’ll ever need, and twice the power.. beware of fuel consumption.
1.TOYOTA CARINA (2001 model)
Whaaaaaaaaaa……..!!!! That’s your reaction right? I told you before, it’s not about how good she looks, how unique she is, or how praised you will be, it’s about your staying in your financial lane, and when it comes to that trust me, this lady is a perfect partner. She won’t eat three meals a day, or two, she will eat once, only once so that you won’t have wallet fever… she won’t cost much on cosmetics and clothings (spare parts) or on taxes, she will treat you ordinarily and love you as a friend. She is that common friend everyone wishes to have. She comes at 1800cc,1500cc,2000cc and 2200cc and in many body variations!

Vitu vizuri kwako

Je wataka SMS nzuri za kumtumia rafiki yanko mpendwa? click
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Wenye divisheni ziro 30,000 wapeta

waziri wa Elimu

Dar es Salaam. Wanafunzi 30,063 waliopata daraja sifuri katika matokeo yaliyopita, wameula baada ya kupandishwa hadi daraja la nne kutokana na ukokotoaji upya wa matokeo ya mtihani wa kidato cha nne yaliyofanywa na Baraza la Mitihani la Taifa (Nacte) na kutangazwa jana.
Marekebisho hayo yalifanyika baada ya kufutwa kwa matokeo ya awali yaliyotangazwa Februari 18, mwaka huu.
Kufutwa kwa matokeo hayo, ilikuwa ni utekelezaji wa sehemu ya mapendekezo ya Tume iliyoundwa na Waziri Mkuu Mizengo Pinda, baada ya wanafunzi 240,909 kupata daraja sifuri kwenye matokeo yaliyotangazwa mara ya kwanza.
Akitangaza matokeo hayo jana, Waziri wa Elimu na Mafunzo ya Ufundi, Dk Shukuru Kawambwa alisema sasa watakaokuwa na sifuri ni 210,846 sawa na asilimia 56.92 wakati wavulana wakiwa ni 104,259 na wasichana 106,587.
Hiyo ina maana kuwa sasa ufaulu umepanda na kuwa asilimia 43.08 badala ya ule wa kwanza ambao ulikuwa asilimia 34.5.
Dk Kawambwa alisema kutokana na ukokotoaji mpya wa matokeo ya sasa, idadi ya wanafunzi waliofaulu mtihani huo kwa daraja la kwanza mpaka la nne imeongezeka na kufikia wanafunzi 159,747 kutoka 126,847.
Wanafunzi waliopata daraja la kwanza ni 3,242 wavulana wakiwa ni 2,179 na wasichana 1,063 ikiwa ni asilimia 0.88 ya matokeo yote, daraja la pili ni 10,355 sawa na asilimia 2.8 wavulana wakiwa 7,267 na wasichana 3,088.
Waliopata daraja la tatu ni 21,752 sawa na asilimia 5.87 wavulana wakiwa 14,979 na wasichana 6,773, daraja la nne ni 124,260 sawa na asilimia 33.54 .
Tofauti na matokeo yaliyofutwa, ambayo watahiniwa waliopata daraja la kwanza walikuwa ni 1,641, wavulana wakiwa 1,073 na wasichana 568, daraja la pili ni 6,453, wavulana wakiwa 4,456 na wasichana 1997.
Waliopata daraja la tatu walikuwa 15,426, wavulana 10,813 na wasichana 4,613, waliopata daraja la nne 103,327, wavulana 64,344 na wasichana 38,983 huku waliopata sifuri wakiwa 240,903, wavulana 120,664 na wasichana 120,239.
Dk Kawambwa alieleza watahiniwa waliosajiliwa kufanya mtihani huo walikuwa ni 480,029 na waliofanya ni 458,139 sawa na asilimia 95.44.
Alisema kuwa watahiniwa wa shule waliosajiliwa kufanya mtihani huo walikuwa ni 411,225 na waliofanya ni 397,138 sawa na asilimia 96.57 huku wa kujitegemea wakiwa ni 68,804 na waliofanya ni 61,001.

Movie ya mwisho ya Kanumba the Great.R.I.P Bro

Big Asteroid Flyby

May 30, 2013: Here we go again. Another asteroid is paying a visit to the Earth-Moon system.
Asteroids have been a hot topic since February 15th  when one small asteroid exploded over Russia and another larger one, 2012 DA14, made a record setting close approach to Earth on the same day. This time the interloper is 1998 QE2, a potentially hazardous asteroid 2.7 km in diameter.  Astronomers are preparing to study the space rock as it harmlessly passes by on May 31st.
"This is a big asteroid that's going to be one of the best radar imaging targets of the year," says Lance Benner of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

"As my old friend, radar astronomer Steve Ostro used to say, spaceship Earth is making a flyby of the asteroid, so we're going to exploit the capabilities of the radars to understand as much as possible."
At closest approach on May 31st, the asteroid will be 5.8 million kilometers from Earth, about 15 times farther than the Moon.
"At that range, both the Goldstone and Arecibo radars should be able to make detailed images of 1998 QE2," says Benner. "The radar maps should rival images of other asteroids obtained by spacecraft during flyby missions."
One thing that intrigues Benner is the asteroid's dark complexion. According to measurements by the Spitzer Space Telescope, 1998 QE2 reflects only 6% of the sunlight that falls on it, which makes it blacker than coal. "Consequently, it could have a composition similar to that of 101955 Bennu, the target of NASA's OSIRIS-REx mission," he says.
Due to launch in 2016, the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft will travel to near-Earth asteroid Bennu, study it from orbit, and ultimately bring back a sample for laboratory study on Earth. Near-Earth asteroid Bennu interests researchers for two reasons:  First, it is a carbon-rich asteroid that could harbor amino acids and other organic molecules essential to primitive life. Second, it's the kind of asteroid that NASA ultimately might want to capture. Indeed, the OSIRIS-REx mission is considered to be a vital part of NASA's plans to find, study and relocate an asteroid for exploration by astronauts.
Perhaps 1998 QE2 will give researchers a sneak preview of this fascinating space rock.
Although the closest approach is on May 31st, the best time to observe 1998 QE2 will be during the first week of June when the asteroid enters northern skies. At that time, its sunlit side will face Earth, making it an easy target for large backyard telescopes.  At maximum brightness on June 3rd and 4th it is expected to glow like an 11th magnitude star.
While amateur astronomers watch the space rock glide through the constellations Libra and Ophiuchus, NASA radars will be pinging the space rock with powerful bursts of radio energy, revealing an alien landscape that no one has ever seen before.

Kelly Rowland Cries Onstage While Singing 'Dirty Laundry,' Her New Song About Beyonce

Destiny's Child Kelly Rowland, Beyonce Knowles, LeToya Luckett, and LaTavia Robertson at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California
Much speculation has arisen as to whether Kelly Rowland is harboring animus toward Beyonce on her new single "Dirty Laundry." Regardless of the verdict, however, Rowland is indeed feeling some level of emotion toward her Destiny's Child colleague.
During a concert in Washington, D.C. on Sunday, Rowland broke down crying while performing the song, brushing tears from her eyes as she sang the lyrics "He pulled me out, he said, 'Don’t nobody love you but me / Not your mama, not your daddy and especially not Bey' / He turned me against my sister / I missed ya."
After that last line, Rowland, who performed the song while sitting on a stool, bent over, placed her head in her lap and appeared to heave a bit. This continued for about 25 seconds as the crowd chanted her name.
Rowland then launched into the song's final chorus and wiped more tears from her eyes at its close, by which point she was standing at the edge of the stage. "I am so grateful to God that I have my girls to back me up," she said after "Dirty Laundry" was over, specifically thanking Destiny's Child. "Dirty Laundry" features frank lyrics that detail Rowland's complicated feelings about Beyonce, whose solo career has been exponentially more lucrative than Rowland's or Michelle Williams.
Not that there are too many hard feelings. Rowland's upcoming album, "Talk A Good Game," will feature "You've Changed," a collaboration between Rowland, Beyonce and Williams -- but as three solo artists, not as Destiny's Child. The song made its way online on Tuesday.

Matokeo ya kidato cha sita mwaka 2013 yametoka

Tanzania will not back down from DRC intervention

Tanzania will not back down from sending troops to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) as part of a United Nations intervention brigade, despite two written warnings from the March 23rd Movement (M23) rebel group, Tanzanian officials say.

 Salva Rweyemamu, director of communication for the Tanzanian president, told Sabahi the government received two letters from M23, which is fighting to overthrow the Congolese government.
The first letter was directed to the Chairman of the International Great Lakes Conference, Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, and copied to all heads of state in the region, including Tanzania's President Jakaya Kikwete.
A second letter addressed to National Assembly Speaker Anne Makinda and signed by Bertrand Bisimwa, the new head of M23's political wing, reached the Tanzanian parliament on Saturday (April 20th), sources told Sabahi.
In the letter, M23 urged lawmakers in Dar es Salaam to advise the government against deploying troops to the DRC, and even threatened a "massacre" of Tanzanian troops by M23 fighters if Tanzania went ahead with the deployment.

Justin Bieber Performs In Cape Town

Award-winning popstar Justin Bieber sent Cape Town into hysteria on Wednesday night when he performed to a sell-out crowd of over 50,000 fans.
The 19-year-old Canadian took to the stage amid screams from a crowd which had been waiting for hours to see him perform live in South Africa for the first time. Bieber is in the country as part of his 'Believe' World Tour.
Bieber entranced his 'Beliebers' in an all-white getup and reflector glasses for around 80 minutes. His set included hits from all of his albums, including 'Somebody to Love', 'Beauty and a Beat' and 'Never Say Never'.
Though for many, just seeing their idol perform live was a dream come true, one of Bieber's fans, Neli, was lucky enough to be pulled on stage and serenaded by the superstar for his song 'One Less Lonely Girl'.
Bieber's triumphant show proved why this young star is idolised by so many

Spotlight On Nollywood: The Groom's Bride

The Groom’s Bride

Majid Michel plays an engaged man who goes on a two-week trip to Gambia, to source the perfect honeymoon location. His fiancée is left behind in Ghana and he unexpectedly falls in love with a Gambian tour guide.

Starring: Jackie Appiah, Majid Michel, J.J Bunny, Kofi Adjorlolo, James Gardiner, Amonobea Dodo

Director: Frank Rajah Arase

Beyonce Upset

A source told The Sun newspaper, "When Beyoncé found out they had edited the way her body really looked, she hit the roof. She's a true diva and was furious that she had been given such a snubbing. Her people refused to give the pictures the green light so H&M were forced to use the originals."

Beyoncé has never been shy about promoting a healthy body image. She recently told Shape, "Not everyone is supposed to be the same. Be healthy and take care of yourself, but be happy with the beautiful things that make you, you."

A spokesperson for H&M admitted in the past there were "discussions" about the images, revealing the star had final approval of which photos should be included.
In other words, Beyoncé got her way.

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Thursday, May 30, 2013

ystee24: Matokeo ya kidato cha nne kwa mwaka 2012 yametoka ufaulu umeongezeka kwa takribani asilimia 9. Angalia matokeo yako au ya mwenzako nw Matokeo ya kidato cha nne kwa mwaka 2012 yametoka ufaulu umeongezeka kwa takribani asilimia 9. Angalia matokeo yako au ya mwenzako nw

Matokeo ya kidato cha nne kwa mwaka 2012 yametoka ufaulu umeongezeka kwa takribani asilimia 9. Angalia matokeo yako au ya mwenzako nw

An Old MEn

Jiroemon Kimura, the oldest living man, celebrated his 116th birthday this past Friday. Born in 1897, Kimura is the last man alive born in the 19th century, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. The resident of Kyotango, Japan, is also the oldest man in verified history.
Should Kimura be interested, there are plenty lovely ladies in his age group to choose from. The Gerontology Research Group at UCLA lists 21 women born before New Year's Day in 1901 who are still alive and well. And the current world's oldest living woman, 115-year-old Misao Okawa, also lives in Japan.

Msiba Ulaya

 Wakati Tanzania Ikiwa katika majinzi kwa kumpoteza msanii wa kizazi kipya Huko Marekani pia Mwakilishi wa mwanamuziki Andre 3000 amethibitisha kutokea kwa kifo cha mama yake mzazi Sharon Benjamin-Hodo, kutokana na
mama huyo alikutwa amekufa ndani ya nyumba yake iliyoko Atlanta siku ya jumatatu (May 27), siku ambayo ni siku ya kuzaliwa ya Andre 3000 akifikisha miaka 38.
mama yake na Andre alikuwa ni muanzilishi wa Starlight Camp kwa ajili ya watoto wasiojiweza, yenye kufanya kazi zake nje ya New Morning Light Missionary Baptist Church iliyoko Conley, Georgia.
Andre 3000 ni member wa kundi la OutKast.

Justine Timberlake

Justin Randall Timberlake (born January 31, 1981)[1] is an American actor, businessman, record producer and singer-songwriter. Born in Memphis, Tennessee, he appeared in the television shows Star Search and The New Mickey Mouse Club as a child. In the late 1990s, Timberlake rose to prominence as the lead singer and youngest member of the boy band 'N Sync, whose launch was financed by Lou Pearlman.
During the group's hiatus, Timberlake released his solo studio albums Justified (2002) and FutureSex/LoveSounds (2006); the former spawned hits "Cry Me a River" and "Rock Your Body", while the latter debuted atop the U.S. Billboard 200 and produced the Billboard Hot 100 number-one singles "SexyBack", "My Love", and "What Goes Around... Comes Around". With each album exceeding sales of seven million copies worldwide, he was established as one of the most commercially successful singers. From 2007 through 2012, Timberlake focused on his acting career, effectively putting his music career on hiatus; he held starring roles in the films The Social Network, Bad Teacher, In Time and Friends with Benefits. In 2013, he resumed his music career with his third album The 20/20 Experience (2013), which was preceded by lead single "Suit & Tie". The 20/20 Experience (2 of 2) is scheduled for release in September. Timberlake's work has earned him six Grammy Awards and four Emmy Awards. His other ventures include record label Tennman Records, fashion label William Rast, and the restaurants Destino and Southern Hospitality.


Kwa mujibu wa taarifa iliyotolewa na baba yake mdogo kupitia East Africa Radio leo asubuhi, mazishi ya rapper Albert Mangwea aliyefariki jana katika hospitali ya St. Helen jijini Johannesburg, Afrika Kusini yanaweza kufanyika mjini Morogoro.

“Tumekubaliana kwamba tumelazimika kuzika Morogoro kwasababu huyu kaka yetu ambaye ni baba wa marehemu tumemzika pale Morogoro na familia yote ya marehemu ipo pale Morogoro. Lakini hapa Dar es Salaam tutafanya mapokezi na msiba utakuwa hapo kwa kaka yangu ni sehemu za Mbezi hapo, kwahiyo tutakuwa kwa kaka yangu anaitwa David Mangwea,”amesema.

Ameongeza kuwa taarifa hizo za msiba nao walizipata jana jioni lakini bado hawajawa na uhakika ni vipi mwili wa marehemu utaletwa nchini kutokea Afrika Kusini.

“Kitu tunachokifanya na tumewaagiza tu hao vijana wetu waliopo hapo Dar es Salaam wajaribu kuwasiliana na ubalozi wa Afrika Kusini kuona namna gani ambavyo tunaweza kupata more information na kiasi kwamba tukaweza kujua namna gani msiba utakuja hapa.” 
Mpaka sasa bado haijajulikana mwili wa marehemu Mangwea utakuja lin.

Jay Dee aairisha show yake

Tunaomba radhi kwa watu wote ambao mlikuwa mmeshanunua tickets za miaka 13 ya Lady JayDee ambapo onyesho ilikuwa lifanyike Ijumaa ya tar 31 May 2013.
Tunapenda kuwataarifu kuwa onyesho hilo limesitishwa kutokana na msiba mzito wa msanii mwenzetu Ngwair mpaka hapo tutakapo wataarifu tena.

Tunasubiri taratibu za kuupokea mwili na tarehe ya maziko, baada ya hapo tutaendelea na ratiba za show na tutawatangazia tarehe inayofuata ambayo si mbali baada ya maziko.

Wale mliokwisha nunua tickets naomba mzitunze tickets zenu, kwani ndio hizo hizo mtakazozitumia siku ya show hata kama tarehe imebadilishwa.

Natanguliza shukrani na naomba radhi kwa usumbufu wowote nitakaokuwa nimewasababishia.
Kila kitu kitaendelea kama kilivyokuwa kimepangwa, hapo baadae

Wiz Khalifa new Album is out


Wiz Khalifa

“Being out in front of people and just being ‘The Man’” might sound like a vague and ridiculous dream to have, but for Cameron Thomaz it might be the most appropriate thought to cross any mind. Better known as Wiz Khalifa, the son of two military parents has always had his eye on being a new standard by which cool is measured. Rapping since the third grade and starting to record music at 14 was probably a step in the right direction. The next best move? Inking a deal to Rostrum Records after a meeting with Benjy Grinberg.
Fresh out of high school, it was time to either sink or swim. In 2005 Wiz released his first mixtape, “Prince of the City: Welcome to Pistolvania.” The mixtape was quickly accepted by the local scene and began to gain buzz outside of Pittsburgh. With that excitement growing by the day, it was the perfect time for a proper commercial album. Wiz soon dropped “Show and Prove,” which claimed was “arguably the best album of the year.” The accolades began piling up and Khalifa was receiving significant co-signs from XXL, Rolling Stone, and VIBE, alike. A deal with Warner Bros. Records soon followed.
Any other 20-year-old probably would’ve let all this hype go to their heads, but not Wiz. As focused as ever, Wiz only saw this praise as an opportunity to work harder. In 2007, with the help of famed mixtape DJ, Green Lantern, Wiz released “Grow Season,” which was soon followed by “Prince of The City 2.” The sequel to “Prince of The City” would soon out grow its predecessor so much so that the demand for Khalifa’s music was greater than ever.

At Big Brother Africa

Shy guy, Bimp and bootylicious Motamma; showed that while they may not be a people of many words they are definitely a people of action. The Ethiopian dude and Tswana girl showcased their dancing skills as they tangoed the night away. Still reeling from the high of the Housemates’ speed dating Task, the twosome decided to shed the extra adrenaline with a sassy dance number

Taratibu za maazishi

NEWS: Tunaomba tuvute subira kidogo kwani kamati ya mazishi baadae itakuwa na kikao na waandishi wa habari pale office za Habari na Maelezo na kamati itatoa ratiba nzima ya mazishi na itaeleza jinsi ya kutoa rambirambi kwa watu walioko mbali na Dar es Salaam. R.I.P Albert Mangwear


 The Liverpool striker admits he is flattered by reported interest in him from the Spanish giants, while constant media criticism of his conduct could force him to leave England
Luis Suarez has opened the door to a Liverpool exit after admitting he is proud to be linked with Real Madrid and would find it near impossible to turn down the Spanish giants.
As exclusively revealed by Goal earlier on Wednesday, the striker has refused to commit himself to the Anfield outfit despite holding two meetings with the club's hierarchy in recent weeks.

Suarez is believed to be a target for Real Madrid and the 26-year-old admits such interest in himself and fellow compatriot Edinson Cavani is flattering.

"I think that's a reason for Uruguayans to feel proud, but there are no formal offers yet," Suarez told Sport 890 AM radio station in Uruguay.

"Saying no to Real Madrid is very difficult. I talked to Brendan Rodgers. He knows what I want and understands my situation"

Suarez is currently serving a 10-match ban for biting Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic; the incident the latest in a long line of misdemeanours the striker has committed.

Goal revealed in January that the former Ajax man, who is contracted with the club until 2016, was considering his future at Anfield, with Champions League football a long-held desire, and he admitted constant negative press is affecting his time in England.

"I worked too hard to having to continue listening to the criticism I get from English journalists," he continued.

"I love Liverpool, but I'm not prepared to keep taking all this criticism."

First gay couple wed in France amid tight security

Two men have become the first gay couple to wed in France, just days after President Francois Hollande signed the same-sex marriage bill into law.
Vincent Autin and Bruno Boileau said "oui" in the southern city of Montpellier amid tight security.
Mr Hollande had warned he would not accept any disruption to the ceremony.
The new legislation has proved controversial and sparked violent protests.
The anti-gay-marriage lobby, backed by the Catholic Church and conservative opposition, argues the bill undermines an essential building block of society.

Start Quote

Love yourselves, let's love ourselves, because it's important”
Vincent Autin Gay rights activist
The ceremony was broadcast live on French TV.
The Socialist mayor of Montpellier, Helene Mandroux, conducted the ceremony, announcing "I now pronounce you united in marriage."
Her announcement was met with applause from the guests, as Frank Sinatra's 'Love and Marriage' was played.
Earlier in the ceremony, Ms Mandroux said marriage was about "the same rights for everybody".
The law legalising gay marriage was "a stage in the modernisation of our country", she added.
Mr Autin made a short speech after the ceremony thanking supporters. He frequently broke down in tears, reports AFP. "Love yourselves, let's love ourselves, because it's important," he said.

David Beckham to retire from football after turning down new PSG deal

David Beckham is to retire from football after two decades at the top of the game. Beckham was initially thought to be contemplating a further year's contract at Paris Saint-Germain, where he has just won a league title in a fourth country following spells at Manchester United, Real Madrid and the LA Galaxy in MLS.
However, the PSG coach who brought him to the club, Carlo Ancelotti, is likely to depart for Real Madrid as José Mourinho's replacement and at 38, Beckham has concluded that another year of intense competition might be a step too far.
"I'm thankful to PSG for giving me the opportunity to continue but I feel now is the right time to finish my career, playing at the highest level," he said.
On the international stage, Beckham holds the England record for making 115 appearances as an outfield player for the national team.
He is expected now to return to London with his wife Victoria and children, Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper. His fortune is said to be worth around £165m and there have previously been suggestions that he would like to invest in an MLS club and pursue his coaching schemes for schoolchildren.
After making his debut in 1992, Beckham won six titles with United, scoring 62 goals in 265 Premiership matches. He was a member in the historic treble team, adding the Champions League and two FA Cups to his list of honours.

England Drew with Republic Of Ireland

Frank Lampard's sixth goal in as many internationals earns England a dour draw with Republic of Ireland at Wembley.
England's first meeting with the Republic of Ireland since 1995 - when their clash at Lansdowne Road was abandoned amid crowd violence - ended in a disappointing Wembley draw.
The atmosphere generated by the 80,000 spectators inside the stadium was lively but this was a game where moments of genuine quality were few and far between.

Hit and Run rumors

Meet Chris Brown, the responsible driver.
Following his minor car accident last week, the hip hop star has been victim to rumors of a hit and run, in which he reportedly refused to give the other driver his correct information.
But it seems, perpetually in a state of damage control, Chris is claiming his innocence in light of the alleged rumors.

Bruce Willis Got $22 Mil? I'm Selling My Bev Hills Mansion

Bruce Willis is shaking down his real estate portfolio again ... now he's listing his biggest crib, a Spanish-style estate in Beverly Hills ... for $22 million.

The "Die Hard" star bought the 11-bedroom, 11 bathroom property in June 2004 for $9 million ... not a bad return if he gets his asking price.

Built in 1928, the 10,379 sq ft spread is spittin' distance from the Beverly Hills Hotel and has a tennis court, pool, stone fountain, arched glass doors ... standard filthy rich movie-star guy stuff.

Willis has always liked to play property chess ... and right now he's got 2 places in NYC, including a Central Park West pad he bought in March for $8.85 million, and another in the Trump Place that he listed in February for $11.65 million ... no word on a sale yet.

He also has a 2,900 sq ft ranch-style home off  Mulholland Drive.

Question is, if he finds a buyer for the big house ... is he looking for a bigger one -- or downsizing?

Chris Brown

chris Brown

Born – May 5, 1989
Tappahannock, Virginia, U.S.
Singer, rapper, DOMESTIC ABUSER, dancer.
Taught himself to sing and dance, and also how to violently assault women.
Got signed to a record label, had some hits, by which we mean songs and not violent assaults against women.
Appeared in a few movies, also appeared in court in 2008 after viciously assaulting Rihanna.
Got six months of community service and five years probation, was quickly forgiven by his fans who apparently are okay with singers who violently assault women.
Put the incident behind him, except when he broke a window at “Good Morning America,” because they asked him about how he violently assaults women.